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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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is over. police believe the man responsible for bombs in new jersey and new york following a massive shootout with police. we begin with new details about an accused serial killer shawn michael grate may be tied to at least five murders. >> denise: police tell us all his suspected victims are women. catherine bosley live in marion county with the latest information. catherine, what do we know tonight. >> the more we learn the more disturbing this gets five killings that points to one man and this confirms in marion county. the sheriff's department is speaking out with shocking details on this one. >> it goes back to the sketch released in 2007 a rendering of who believes this woman looked like. apparently, the sketch was way off according to shawn michael
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killings he fessed up to detectives what he thought was his first killing in marion where the victim was a magazine saleswoman. >> he end tices her into the car and tells her he is going to buy magazines and takes her to a house south of the city. they go inside and he stabs and kills her. left her there a couple of days and then he moved her out to the site where we found her. >> the problem is by the time remains were found walking through the area, there were only bones left. and grate tells us he remembers she was tall, thin, light brown hair in her 20s and really good teeth. he also notes her name began with a d, dana or diane. hopefully more clues to put this cold case to rest for good. >> in marionet asking questions, getting answers, catherine bosley. >> denise: police tracked down
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new jersey bombings. mark nolan has the latest. >> mark: the 28-year-old man in custody after authorities name him as a suspect in the bombings in new jersey and new york. ahmed kahn rahami in custody. he is believed to be carrying the duffle bag in this video here. the naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan, a backpack with explosives was found at spoke at the capture at the united nations general assembly meeting today. >> we have a role to play as citizens in making sure we don't succumb to that fear. there's no better example of that than the people of new york and new jersey. >> reporter: authorities say there's no indication that a terror cell is operating in the new york area. coming up we will have a live report from new jersey. back to you. >> chris: thank you for that.
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security company using this incident as a teaching point. >> denise: that's right. the service can help people and private property owners. jen picciano is getting answers. jen? >> reporter: police officers and sheriff deputies aren't the only ones. they might take a second look at their protocol. private security companies play a special role and important role in keeping people and across cuyahoga counties the city is making use of the mobile surveillance trailers introduced before the rnc. those are used to remotely and locally monitor large gatherings and highly trafficked areas. since the counties got them cleveland, rocky river and north olmsted all used them. as for what more, cpd or rta can do, homeland security and terrorism expert dr. john says
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the rnc. >> this is what they have been on the look out. obviously with the rnc coming through in cleveland and since then they are concerned about this. will this step up chatter and monitoring? it is an intelligence war. if this person truly operated independently and solo there was want a lot you would be able to pick up. >> now that is not we were trying to tell you about, the private security company, i spoke to the director of operations today and see it as their role as a partnership with law enforcement. they are there knowing the property they protect inside and out and there to observe and report and then they can get that information if something is suspicious to law enforcement and start making calls to help in the preventive measures against terrorism. >> reporter: getting answers in
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cleveland 19. >> denise: thank you, jen. stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of the suspected terrorist arrest and can you find updates on, twitter page or facebook. >> chris: beefed up security at lakewood high school and middle schools after a threatening message found on a bathroom wall reading "i will look make columbine look like a joke." no reports today >> denise: we are learning new details in akron after a deadly police-involved shooting. >> chris: we have the 911 call for help and hearing from a witness. denise zarrella live getting answers. denise? >> reporter: the 911 call came from inside this apartment building. neighbors tell me there was an ongoing dispute over a small dog
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that unfortunately ended with a man being shot multiple times by the caravan yesterday. you are about to hear the call that came to police for help here at this akron apartment building. >> what's going on there? >> a guy upstairs comes down and jammed my friend's hand in the door. he started cussing at my niece and dog. >> when police arrived they say a 61-year-old man who lived here only a month grabbed an assault rifle and pointed it at police. kathy saw the whole thing. >> police told him to leave the weapon where it was. no, don't reach for the weapon and told him four times to leave it alone. the guy pointed it at the officer, the officer opened fire on him. >> the summit county medical examiner's office has not released the identity of the man
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have to use fingerprints to positively i.d. him and as of today they were trying to contact family members to let them know what happened. >> asking questions, getting answers, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> denise: thank you, denise. >> a perfect day to do anything outdoors. >> chris: yeah. i guess it will continue this week. >> jeff: this is the beginning stages. we had showers and storms yesterday evening, a front came through and today. lots of sunshine out there. temperatures still on the warm side for this time of year. get used to that at least through a good portion of the week and seasonable nights and once the sunsets, we will drop into the 50s overnight as this dry and warm pattern continues. then we've got the weekend cooldown. still not a big threat of rain at all. like i said we are in a dry
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a lakeshore. 79 ashtabula. 78 akron-canton and everybody else above 80. we have 75 westlake and parma, brecksville and you are in the low to mid-80s out there. if you are headed out the door and going to the grocery store, 81 and 6:00, 78 and watch out for the sun glare getting nasty at:30 this evening. 7:00, 76 and 8:00 clear sky and down on the dry stretch and weekend cooldown coming up. >> thank you. you can track the latest conditions with the cleveland 19 first alert weather app for your smart phone or tablet. the nfl is two weeks old and browns are hit hard again. >> they have the momentary 20 point lead and blew that and lost three key players in the process. i can't believe it. >> do you see a pattern developing here.
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>> get used to it. it doesn't change. i have been here every monday for 10 years. it is football and violent sport and injuries happen and this is what happens when you put a quarterback behind a line that can't protect them. but browns are in a world of hurt. and after repeatedly getting drilled by the ravens. technically week to week and could be out for awhileam hospital with a bruised lung no telling when he will be back and carl, the rookie end suffered a broken hand and needs surgery and out long term and i want to get back to mccown and browns moving to the rookie cody kessler and will be thrown into the fire. >> the third starting quarterback in three weeks going
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26th as we probably all know since the team came back. >> you've got to protect the quarterback, tony. >> it is tough. >> thanks. >> we want to hear from you. your take on all things browns. leave your comments on or on our facebook or twitter pages and use #19browns. now for positive news six cleveland schools named to this year's list of america's healthiest. goals are campus charles dickens and garret morgan, john haig, gallagher and wilson elementary t. identifies the healthiest schools on availability of nutritious foods and access to quality physical education. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: let's take a live look at the roads smooth sailing and accident cleared up on 77 a few moments ago.
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traffic conditions by downloading the app and clicking on the traffic tab. >> coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 terrorist suspect what we know about the man in a
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: continuing coverage of the terror attack in new jersey and new york. we are learning new details about the man in question.
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rahami in custody after a shootout with police. kenneth craig has the story from new jersey. >> reporter: bombing suspect ahmed kahn rahami was wheeled into an ambulance after a shootout with police in new jersey. rahami was on the run since saturday's bombing in new york city and jersey shore. >> we have linked rahami from new york and saturday in new jersey. >> police say rahami, a naturalized citizen from surveillance video near the explosion in chelsea leaving 29 people injured. >> we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. >> authorities say rahami was sleeping in the doorway of a local bar when two officers confronted him. they say he shot one of the officers and took off running? >> we returned fire to the suspect striking him several times taking him down. >> reporter: early monday the f.b.i. raided the suspect's
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investigators also recovered a backpack filled with bombs at a nbc train station and including one a robot detonated. so far authorities say there's no indication rahami part of a cell. president obama is urging everyone to remain vigilant. >> i think it is important to remember what terrorists and violent extremists are trying to do. they are trying to hurt innocent people and they want to inspire fear in all of us.>> others in connection with the bombings. >> within the last hour we got word officials in new jersey officially charge this had man with a number of crimes and federal prosecutors have been digging through that case. >> kenneth, you mentioned surveillance video showing how
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what other evidence do police have linking him to the pressure cooker bombs. >> they are not talking about a lot of the evidence they have. they have a lot of work to do. they want to make sure they get this right. family members and other possible associates and that surveillance video from what we understand is critical in bringing this case together and as you know it happened quickly. this morning they picture and 8:00 this morning all our cell phones went off with push alerts with this loud sound as you would get an amber alert and really within three hours later that shootout happened at the house and they have this man in custody. >> incredible. >> chris: incredible. real quick before we let you go, new york and new jersey is a prime example. we saw f.b.i. and a.t.f. and i
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efforts. they got this man into custody quickly. >> that was sort of the big thing in all this. how fast all this happened. not long after 48 hours. 50 hours they got this in custody and all this happened saturday night into custody. you have about every law enforcement agency in this region working on this. new york city police department. you have officials and various towns and state agencies. the f.b.i., a.t.f. all working together on this and clearly, it paid off. >> denise: craig, live in new jersey for us, thank you very much. >> jeff: keep in mind average high low 70s right now and look at where we stand at 81. might hit 83. 82, 83 for the official high.
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labor onto that. 87 in chicago. 87 there champagne, illinois. we will get warmer the next couple of days. night time lows seasonable and mid to upper 50s. 8:00 in the morning future view temperatures and wooster 52. 62 cleveland and a rapid warm up again in the 70s at 11:00 in the morning. 2:00 in the afternoon already above 80. the only exemp immediate lakeshore and numbers may be low and along the lakeshore hitting 80 or so. here is the late-day stuff. with this warm up, the humidity level not bad. tonight pleasant and tomorrow wednesday maybe in the lower end of that muggy scale. we are not talking about muggy conditions. this is a dry pattern.
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week. 85 the high tomorrow. wednesday 85. tomorrow wednesday a carbon copy of each other and throw in more cloud cover thursday 84 and remains above normal in temperature on friday before a weekend cooldown. but with that no alerts for the next several days. not to say headed into the weekend the risk of rain is zero but not enough for any alert days out there. it is quiet. it is clear tonight seasonable and low to 57. akron-canton clear sky and seasonable for you. your overnight low at 56. tomorrow 85 the high. 64 at 8:00 a.m. 77 at 11:00 and low 80s at 2:00. by 5:00 p.m. lake breeze kicks
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>> wednesday sunny and 85. thursday partly cloudy and 84. friday becoming partly cloudy and 84 degrees. look at this. big weekend cooldown. saturday and it will be windy and 71. in fact saturday night we drop to 53 sunday partly cloudy and cool and 68. the big grape jamboree is this weekend and il bring a jacket. >> a quarter million out there? >> jeff: fourth largest in the state of ohio saturday and sunday. >> are they doing a preview and stomping grapes. >> jeff: they will be on the morning show. >> denise: he always does it. it is hilarious. coming up medical marijuana will soon be the law of the land
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>> chris: medical marijuana legal in ohio after governor john kasich signed the law this summer. >> and senior living working to be the first facility in the state to administer clinical pot. harry boomer is getting answers in beachwood. >> i would like to express my thoughts actually on medical
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wineburger was serving during world war ii. >> i believe in the instance of great pain that medical marijuana may be able to alleviate. then i certainly believe in it. >> in fact, correspondic and acute pain muscle spasms, tremors, agitation from dementia or alzheimer's disease, depression and appetite suppression are some of the uses for be prescribed in ohio. >> and close to 50 residents could benefit from medical marijuana right now. >> we want to give seniors choice and people cannot handle regular medication and this is a great option for people to try it. >> i think it is a good idea if it is used properly. >> and a doctor in the state of ohio to prescribe medical marijuana they have to be certified and a patient has to
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90 day supply at the time. >> in beachwood harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> medical marijuana is not smoked and treatments aerosols, edibles and patches. >> we are sunny out there and it is warm. but i will let you know when temperatures change up going
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>> chris: campaign 2016 and the arrest in new jersey put terrorism back in the political spotlight. >> denise: sure is. donald trump and hillary clinton both convincing voters they are better suited to handle terrorism despite different ideologies. ryan nobodyels joins us in washington, d.c. with more of
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>> chris and denise, reaction from the candidates indicative of overall campaigns hillary clinton with a measured and cautious approach. donald trump with a fiery and bombastic response. >> before we knew very much about what was happening in new york and new jersey donald trump was front and center. >> just before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> reporter: that was saturday night long before the full details were in typical trump style he wasted no time. >> it is a terrible thing that's going on in our world and in our country. we are going to get tough, smart and vigilant. >> trump was criticized for calling the incident a bombing and he turned out to be right. meanwhile opponent hillary clinton waited to get specific not addressing details of the investigation until monday morning.
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>> the styles couldn't be more specific t. will work best if applied in the oval office. >> we know a lot of rhetoric we heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists and in particular isis. >> trump is arguing the obama administration and by extension, the former secretary of state has not taken the threat seriously enough. >> thousands of people are pouring into our we have no idea what we are doing. our leaders, i don't say weak, i say stupid. >> a clear difference in approach presenting a clear choice for voters as they head to the polls in november. >> poll after poll shows the economy remains the most important issue for american voters in 2016. but if terror threats continue to pop up, can you bet national security will play an important
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chris and denise? >> chris: fascinating turn for sure. >> all in the family the trump campaign one of his members has secret service protection. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: this is a bit of an odd twist in terms of secret service protection ivanka trump, the grown daughter of donald trump does not live with him anymore has been added to the secret service detail. generally, secret service protection only extends to the nuclear family of the cda barron, his son and now ivanka trump is added. >> the secret service doesn't comment on reasons why they extend protections just to confirm it exists, you have to imagine it is at least in part ivanka trump is a high profile surrogate for her father and many ways she is out there a lot more than melania, his wife and not been in the spotlight since
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ivanka trump among those protected in the trump family. >> denise: there are rumors libertarian nominee for vice president gary johnson may drop out of the race. you talked about the polls. he is pulling 8% in some of the polls. what is he saying about this? will he leave the race? >> reporter: this is part of why the rumor popped up from carl bernstein a respected breaking the watergate scandal and tweeted he heard bill weld is concerned former massachusetts governor and vice presidential pick for libertarians isn't catching fire as they hoped and wanted to be the 15% mark and get into the debates and they have not gotten there quite yet and doing better than but not like four years ago and weld is increasingly
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benefit donald trump and not a fan of hillary clinton but scared of donald trump. gary johnson addressed the rumor. take a listen. >> bill weld is in this for the long hall and beyond my wildest dreams bill weld is my running mate and look, we don't thinket side offers the alternative that americans really want. weld himself did say he has no plans on dropping out and if that did it wou libertarian ticket in a big way. >> if for some reason they catch fire and americans watch the first debate and don't like what they see and getting to the 15% mark for the debate they would get an opportunity to participate. >> fascinating stuff, ryan, thanks. stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 and can you find updates on or of
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>> all right. another check and gorgeous forecast out there. sunshine and blue skies. jeff, keep it coming. >> i will. in fact, most of this week we will see nothing but sun out there. we will throw more cloud cover into the mix here thursday and friday. it is warm and dry. we will stay that way. cleveland 81. sandusky at 82 degrees. mansfield and wooster and do dinner. sit on the old patio. 76 at 7:00 and mild early this evening and sun goes down eventually and we will ease into the 50s and downtown cleveland here on the first alert weather app, 11:00 temperatures 68 and dropping in the low 60s early in the morning. downtown cleveland. clear and seasonable night. dry and warm pattern overall. we have the weekend cooldown.
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very small chance of rain. we have no alerts here the next seven days tomorrow 85 and the high 82 and add tax onto that and 85 degrees. the planner, 58 at 7 a.m. and sunshine for lunch tomorrow and 81 and lake breeze will kick in 79. we will be warming in the 80s again tomorrow and wednesday, the humidity is not too bad. it will still feel quite nice out there. akron-canton sunny and 85 degrees. here is the overall big picture. very little change in the overall weather pattern. 85 tomorrow. 85 on wednesday. still no fronts thursday and more cloud cover here at 84. friday it looks like we will start mostly cloudy and clear out by afternoon. i don't see issues for friday night football and 84 degrees
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pleasant night tomorrow and wednesday and we sneak up into the muggy category. we are not talking about this intense summertime heat when you factor in the humidity. it will feel nice out there. back with details on the weekend and cooldown coming up later in the half hour. denise? >> denise: thank you, jeff. we told you earlier about a suspected serial killer in ashland county. shawn michael grate may blamed in five murders. dan deroos is in the answers center with details of more missing women in ohio. >> this will be the problem investigators will face. we are dealing with three separate counties in all this. ashland county. marion county and richland county. bodies in each of those. this is going to be one of the bigger tools for the investigators, the national missing and unidentified persons system. when we flip to this and put in
5:38 pm
women in the state of ohio. some stretch back quite a ways. take a look at some of the dates here. a lot of 16's, 15's and we know his first body and first murder he is admitting to was back here in 2006 and 2005. if you start somewhere here and work your way up the list these will be the women reported missing by family members that are now going to then we have the second part of this database. these are, unfortunately, the bodies found in ohio with no identification whatsoever. there are 24 such cases where women have not been identified. the one i want to click on is the one we believe here in marion county that is attached to this. when we pull up the report we will pull up a lot of information. you can see one of the possible
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and we will be able to pull up everything about this case. where she was found, when she was found and demographics and estimated age and that kind of thing. let me get to the bottom of the page where they have given all of them, front view, side view and couple of different hairstyles. this is the problem they are struggling with in the next few weeks to get to the bottom how many victims total are out there. at the answer center dan deroos, >> chris: thank you, dan. a man is accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old. they arrested coleman peace over the weekend. the 26-year-old is an acquaintance of the child's family. police in cleveland and euclid investigating a series of overnight smash-and-grab burglaries in convenience stores and gas stations at east 89th and buckeye.
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within an hour. they hit the loan max location in euclid. no word if they will get the atn. attention k- mart shoppers. k- mart is closing 64 stores in 68 states including two location in ohio. stores will close in hadn'ter and canton. employees were informed friday. you can expect those going out of business sales saturdaying september doors closing for good by mid-december. kohl's is looking for 69,000 workers for the christmas season. the retailer started hiring 1100 stores nationwide. they expect jobs to be filled by the middle of november. >> chris: coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, a suspected
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to weigh in live.
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>> chris: welcome. we have been reporting about the arrest in new jersey a suspected terrorist bomber in custody after a shootout with police. >> denise: tim dim off is joining us now. when people see a guy stabbing people at a mall and a guy trying to set off pressure
5:44 pm
get we get scared and afraid. that's what they want us to do. there are things we can do to be on the lookout. what should we look at for lone wolf attackers. >> by far. the first thing we should be looking for, we need to train or educate ourselves. anybody that carries any container or backpack and cooler and puts it down and walks away from it. the simple act of laying something down and from it. we have to train every american to recognize that and incidentally report it. we are not doing it. you go to israel and they do it every day and do it right and every person in the country understands they need to do it. >> wow. that falls in line with see something, say something motto law enforcement tells us about. flipping it back to law enforcement. rahami was a man naturalized
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at what point does law enforcement look at the number of trips someone makes to the terrorism hot spot and start getting eyes on this guy. can you give us an inside perspective on that? >> the first problem with that. there's a lot of people that travel back and forth from the middle east. that's what's so hard about narrowing the funnel down and where they go helps in the international and looking at it and that te a lot of people travel over there and come back all the time and international travel is, you know, at its highest peak. it is not just them traveling but it helps narrow it down to a degree and plus other things they are involved in will tell us more. >> the scary thing, everybody who knew him, the family business was this american fried chicken place and the customers thought he was a great guy. >> yeah.
5:46 pm
terrorists. and as far as i can tell looking at the profiles and knowing from my training you sympathize with them. he wanted to make a big splash and did multiple bombs and accomplished getting into the international news which is a big, big desire by all that do it. >> fascinating information. thank you for coming on and spending time with us today. >> thank you. tonight at 6:00 we are breaking new details on bodies found. the case started in ashland and today digging deeper. the prime suspect says was his first and the woman found in marion. we will hear more about the browns quarterback issues and sports director tony zarrella has the report card. you don't want to miss that
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about a popular painkiller and your kids. experts urge doctors to stop prescribing codeine to young children. it comes after new evidence links that drug to deadly breathing reactions. they say kids metabolize the drug much faster than adults and may experience dangerous reactions. an important health alert for parents who start skipping pureed foods for six-month-olds and letting babies feed themselves solid foods instead. the s pediatrics suggests babies fed this way are not more likely to choke. but they say they want to remind parents not to offer foods considered a choking hazard. >> chris: gas prices are surging and a major pipeline burst in alabama and hundreds of thousands of gallons of gas leaked out. the leak could impact supplies in southern states. local gas prices are 10 cents higher than a week ago and not
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apple getting a boost from the sale of the iphone 7. stock prices about the highest in five years. good news for investors and the phone's performance not exactly music to customers ears. there are complaints the phone creates a hissing sound if subjected to a heavy processer work load. apple has no comment on the problem as yet. pin pointing the weather where you live. alert forecast. >> jeff: pinpointing the 7-day here. what a pattern we find ourselves in. summer is hanging on at least through friday. 85 the high tomorrow. we will drop to 55 tomorrow night and 85 again wednesday sunny and partly cloudy thursday 84 and one thing missing on the 7-day no alert days. friday 84 and getting into the weekend more cloud cover on saturday. more of a mostly cloudy sky and
5:52 pm
it will be windy with the wind off the lake and only 71 saturday and saturday night down to 583 and sunday 68 as we get into a touch of fall here. could see isolated showers on monday and temps near 70 degrees. obviously, the warm stretch, today, tomorrow and wednesday, thursday, friday and down we go as we head into the weekend here 70s that's the thinking now. 10 day forecast on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app hourly updates to customize it down to your neighborhood. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. thank you. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. ? wild thing." the way you walk reveals
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>> ever notice how some people walk. it says a lot about them. >> social scientists say the way you walk can reveal your mood and even your permit.
5:56 pm
technology to look for subtlest exaggeration and found an increase in lower body movement and indicates a outgoing person and increase in upper body movement a sign of a more aggressive person. >> that works. >> if you are trying to get fit bit steps in. >> chris: if you walk like this. relax the arms. >> denise: i know nothing about this. not aggres a >> chris: coming up at 6:00 digging deeper of the five missing women murdered by an accused serial killer. we have learned identities of two additional victims. who they were, where they were
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cleveland 19 news sponsoredded by empire window company your local window and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: now at tracking the latest out of new jersey and new york as police catch the terror suspect after explosions over the >> romona: we begin with a suspected killer in court. shawn grate pleaded not guilty. police rescued a woman. >> mark: there are five bodies connected to the case that led police to a body in mansfield and sources tell us the victim is candice marie cunningham of can't son a body missing from mansfield rebekah leicy and last week identified two found in an ashland house stacey stanley and elizabeth griffith and police in
6:00 pm
woman who's body was found over a decade ago. grate claims that jane doe was his first victim catherine bosley went to marion today. >> romona: she got francis police and took her to the location where jane doe's body was found. >> reporter: as disturbing as this whole thing is, the information shawn grate is offering up is bringing a sigh of relief to the marion county office. i marion county road skeletal remains were found by someone walking through and a mystery all these years later until now. >> we have moved light years ahead. and it solves half the case and believes he is the killer of the woman sketched out to look like this. a magazine sales woman grate was angry with for not delivering his mom's order.


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